Chairman’s Message

I am proud to report that SonKim has made significant progress over the previous decades from a family clothing business in the South of Vietnam since 1950s. We have developed to a sizeable business with three key sectors and set our footprints in many regions of Vietnam. Our brands are among the local’s top of mind and satisfy some of the toughest export markets. Above all, we have proven to be a trusted partner of many leading international groups such as Hong Kong Land, GS Shop, Bank Invest,Quadrille Nishida, and EXS Capital.

We have great people with a strong sense of integrity, leadership and commitment to provide the best products and services, deliver outstanding client satisfaction and work together as a team to fulfill a big vision which is molding SonKim into a classy provider of unparalleled expertise in lifestyle products and services.

It is with utmost seriousness and dedication that we continue to improve ourselves as we strive to embrace our visions and missions, which are:

  • Bring contentment to and improve quality of life for our customers;
  • Capture and maximize the abundance of opportunities unfolding in Vietnam;
  • Build a strong united organization and work place, upholding the highest standards.
  • Create prosperity and success for our business partners and investors.


Nguyen Hoang Tuan