Our Employees

With our unique legacy and culture, we attract innovative, dynamic and creative people who drive our growth.

Tam, Brand Manager of Son Kim Fashion

” I can see the meaningful significance that our brands bring about to consumers…”

We possess such immense brands. It takes the efforts of entire teams to get programs and products into the mainstream marketplace. And that’s why everyone shares the same passion for the brands and the Company. The results of their efforts and teamwork can be seen all around the nation. It’s truly a rewarding experience.

From the way I’ve grown personally and professionally to traveling to different regions and experiencing different cultures, there’s always excitement around the corner

Dzung, Managing Director of Son Kim Manufacture & Trading Corp

The amount of care at our production department is tremendous…”

At our department, the concept highlights the fact that a duty of care is owed to staff as well as our consumers. We see the importance of quality, safety, customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction and cost effectiveness. Hence, every of our production processes embrace these concepts and strives to optimize each of these on behalf of all stakeholders.

Trung, Finance Director of Son Kim Investment & Holding

“It’s a splash of brilliance …”

I joined SonKim because of the opportunities to work, socialize with and learn from a diverse group of talented individuals who have made wonderful results happen, and to make tangible changes to the business.

I appreciate the variety of people and business issues I come across everyday, and the impeccable support I get from the staff, the board as well as function experts.

Vy, Vice Director of Vivi Media Trading

“One place where the opportunities are truly endless …”

When I look back at the last 5 years at SonKim, I can really see all the opportunities that this company has presented to me. I began as an assistant. Now, I’m a vice president of a subsidiary company.

I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the most talented and passionate professionals in the industry. They are focused, energized and want to succeed – but more importantly, they want to make a difference