Our Story

Founded by a reputable clothing dynasty – the Nguyen family – Dai Thanh Garment Cooperative evolved as a successful business in former Saigon and other Southern cities of Vietnam. Following the country unification in 1975, Dai Thanh was honoured with two prestigious awards: Third Prize Trade & Industry medal (1982) and Second Prize Trade & Industry medal (1984) for its outstanding contribution to the local economy and society.

Given strong family foundation in place, third generation of the Nguyen family established Son Kim Investment and Development Ltd. Co. in 1993.

In addition to expanding garment production, Son Kim has wisely invested in emerging sectors including Retail, Real Estate and Media and has gained notable achievements. We are proud to be one of the top 3 of branded lounge wear and underwear retailers in Vietnam. Our first office building project – Sentinel Place – was awarded “Best Office Development” in Vietnam by Asia Pacific Property in association with Bloomberg Television in 2011.

Our achievements have been marked alongside with joint-venture and partner with leading international groups such as Hong Kong Land, GS Shop, Bank Invest, Quadrille Nishida and EXS Capital. We treasure all of these relationships, and commit to continuously develop ourselves in order to deliver prosperity and success to our partners and investors.